Hello and Welcome to Matebeleland.com

2 01 2010

Hi. This is the first of many informative posts that you’ll find going out on Matebeleland.com. The idea for this site grew out of a desire to want to show and teach the world about who I am as an individual, and who my people are and how we come to be a proud and populous people of Zimbabwe in 2010.

For me I am first and foremost an Ndebele man, a member of the Matebele Nation and a Zimbabwean. But to explain that to people of the Western world is difficult as most people have no concept of Southern Africa and the fact that outside of South Africa there are many other nations and people, tribes, languages and cultures. More and more my desire became a passion to want to educate the world about my home, my people, our culture, language, intricacies, differences to other Southern African’s and the world around us. More and more I wanted to share our colourful and vibrant society with the people of the world. And so is born Matebeleland.com.

This website is not just about me though. It is about the Matebele people, and each of you have a responsibility to add to this resource to help tell the world about our culture. Each of us has something that we can input, from simple pictures, to written stories, it may be historical articles, to poetry. I cannot tell the world everything. To be totally honest there is much I myself don’t know, and rely on my kin within the Matebele community to help me fill in the gaps. So please accept my challenge and be encouraged to contact me and communicate with us to make this site grow and prosper and bring a world of understanding and knowledge to our people, culture and national pride.